Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chase's Development & Progress

I am going to throw this post in Eli's blog, just because I don't feel comfortable putting it on the main blog, and I need to keep track of this. We have become aware of a couple strange behaviors/abilities so I needed to just jot them down in case it became important in the future. I hope to the Lord above that I am making a note of this for NO necessary reason, but I'm gun shy now...and I just would rather be safe than sorry.

*Jan-Feb timeframe Chase started lining things up certain ways. He does not get upset if you take a car out of the "lineup" or if you switch it to face it another way like Eli did when he was that age.

* April 13th, Chase started bringing me fridge alphabet letters one at a time and was getting them right. At the age of 2. He should not know these because we didn't teach them to him. We've pointed them out to him when reading books and stuff, but not spent time WORKING with him on these enough for him to know so many of them. So we'll keep an eye on his development and progress.

-I will update this particular blog post with all of Chase's info so it doesn't get mixed up in Eli's stuff.


Andrea said...

Okay...these are the things on my mind about your latest post...Do you think Chase could be lining up his cars because he has seen Eli do it so many times before and that helps Chase "cope" with Eli not being there? Do you think it is possible for Chase to have witnessed Eli reciting the letters? I think you are smart to make a note of the things that concern you...but It may just be Chase's way of expressing himself when it comes to Eli's absence. I am certainly not an expert!!! But those are my thoughts.

Liana said...

Hey Stacey,

It's understandable that when you see Chase doing the same types of things that Eli did you would be cautious. I don't know much about autism (not as much as you do) but I have a 2 year old boy also. Jakson loves to line cars, trucks or anything else that will line up in a row too. He doesn't do the letter thing but he will "repeat" anything he has ever heard. I am not trying to say you shouldn't be concerned but I hope this helps that you don't have the only 2 year old in the world who does those types of things. I hope I didn't upset you and make it sound like you shouldn't watch Chase closely. Sorry that I am rambling too. Have a good day.


Stacey said...

Andrea and Liana :) - Thank you so much for your comments! :) I hope you are right about him lining things up because of Eli. That very well may be the reason he is doing it. He has seen him do that a lot, so it is very possible. The only thing that *really* bothers me is the fact that he knows the letters forward and backward, and that isn't something he saw us do with Eli. When I think back on it, when we did work on letters with Eli, Chase was so much younger and not able to pay attention. We've been working on reading with Eli, but I don't think Chase could have picked it up from that. So I suppose it may be possible, but not really likely.

I'm not overly anxious about it - yet. I'm just going to keep my eye on it and see if anything else comes of it.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!! I'll keep you posted ;).

And Andrea, I'll be home soon, so I may see ya at Cherokee ;).

Wendy M. said...

Honestly, the lining things up is pretty normal at 2. it is part of the learning process for them. most kids that age that I have seen do that. Being freaked by the removal or rearangement of things would be more cause for concern than just the lining things up aspect. It's good to see that he isn't showing signs of that.

Do you mean Chase knows ALL of his letters?! That is kinda freaky, but could just be really smart or something.

I do think it is great for you to keep track of these things though. The more you log about your child, the easier it is to make sure he/she is healthy IMO.