Monday, February 22, 2010

Update 2-22-10

Things are not going well...and this is going to be a tough week.  We have a major fight on our hands with Brentwood Hospital.  Eli is doing worse now than when we took him in 12 days ago.  We have found out that the doctor put in charge of his med changes is not a child psychiatrist, but instead a geriatric doctor. Yep.  He needs a specialist, they assured us he would be in good hands, yet they have completely dropped the ball and screwed up his medications to the point that we are about ready to break him out of there.  It's not that simple though...I signed a form at the hospital that if we took him out before they were ready to discharge him, we would be 100% responsible for the several thousand dollar bill.  So we've got to go through the right channels and force their hand to transfer him to Meridell.  They are dragging their feet and not wanting to transfer him, even though they know they are not equipped to be able to get his meds right. 

This hospital is a joke.  This town is a joke.  The professionals are unprofessional.  There are no child specialists... there are those who claim to be child specialists, but they aren't. 

There are two therapy groups in the Shreveport/Bossier City area, and upon first glance they look legitimate.  But they are in no way legitimate.  Their "therapists" are COLLEGE KIDS who have been given a course in ABA therapy.  Yes, you heard me.  COLLEGE KIDS.  ABA therapy and any therapy in general is a highly specialized area that is not taught in a few weeks course!  When I was in college I had some part time jobs, but none of them involved trying to shape a child's life or help them learn appropriate behaviors. 

So for the sake of any person who is doing a google search to find therapists or child psychiatrists in Shreveport...let me save you the legwork and heartache...there are none.  We are trying to get Eli transferred out of here as quickly as possible, and that is all I can focus on now.  If we are able to help Eli at all we have got to get him out of here. 

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