Monday, March 9, 2009

Point Store

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile and the time just keeps getting away from me. But I'm inbetween emails and calls from Meridell and Virginia's school program called Child Find that helps place him in the right school for next fall, so I thought I'd do it since Eli's on my brain.

At Meridell they have this incentive for the kids called Point Store.

Each day is broken down into segments - basically it boils down to a morning timeframe, afternoon, and then evening timeframe. They get points based on their behavior for each segment of the day, and the scale is a color based system.
Green - great behavior - 5 points
Green - good behavior - 4 points
Yellow - pretty good with some testy moments - 3 points
Yellow - okay, but not great - 2 points
Red - Not good 1 point

Each Friday they tally up the points and let the kids pick out an item from their "store" which is a room with cases and cases of "stuff". Toys, nice bath stuff, games, presents for parents, school supplies, pillows, blankets...all kinds of stuff. They have some NICE stuff!

You can either spend your points, or roll them over to the next week and save them up to get bigger prizes. It's kind of like at Chuck E. Cheese where the more points you have, the nicer toy you get, so same thing at Meridell.

Before this new medication, Emantadine, he was getting Reds and Yellows. But it's soon as they put him on Emantadine, he has gotten all greens. Seriously...ALL GREENS! Go Eli! Now, we're not sure if it is a fluke and he's just being good, or if it truly is that the medicine is really helping him be able to control his emotions. Only time will tell I guess.

So far so good though, and hopefully he will earn his day pass on Friday so that we can go off campus! :) Alright...back to the phone and email for me... :)


Casey said...

Awesome progress! Yeah Eli!

Wendy said...

awesome!!! Go Eli! I really hope things continue to improve for Eli. I hope you have a great weekend!

Stacey said...

Thanks girls!!! Our visit went great this week, and I will update about it soon!!! I have some real info to blog about too!!!! :)

Ally said...

What wonderful news that Eli is getting all greens! What a big boy!